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Considering heightened environmental, social, and governance concerns, Fundata has developed ESG ratings with a focus on Canadian investment funds.

Fundata is leveraging its market leading Canadian investment fund data to deliver comprehensive and timely ESG data to the financial services marketplace.

Based on fund holdings, fund scores for the following categories are determined:

Fundata is pleased to offer three levels of ESG products:

  • Summary Level

    The summary is Fundata’s most basic level of ESG score information, providing scores for each fund for Environmental, Social, Governance, and overall ESG.

  • Detailed Level

    The E, S and G scores are parsed out to yield a total of 18 underlying metrics for each fund. For each metric Fundata calculates the average score, the average percentile, and the Fundata Score using a portfolio weighted method and an equal weighted method. The result is over 100 data points to choose from for each fund, including the percentage of the portfolio in the bottom 10% in overall ESG score.

  • Company Level

    Provides ESG data on all companies currently covered.


At the fund level, Fundata calculates averages for each of the 18 data points based on fund holdings. For each fund that has ESG data on at least 65% of its underlying portfolio, both a portfolio weighted average and an equal weighted average score are determined. These averages are then ranked versus the universe using a percentile rank to arrive at the Fundata Score for each metric.

The result will be 3 data points for each of the 18 metrics:

  1. Average Score
  2. Average Percentile
  3. Fundata Score

The Fundata ESG Grade is based on the ESG Fundata Score and assigned as follows:

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